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Apr 10th, 2013

Announcing StreamVas, a brand new streaming VAS platform for Mobile Operators and VAS Providers

Supranetcom announces the immediate availability of its brand new platform StreamVas that enables Mobile Operators and VAS Providers to design, deploy and stream VAS audio and video multimedia content directly to their mobile subscribers.


StreamVas allows MNOs and VASPs to deploy quickly and efficiently standard VAS streaming services such as: Background Music, Dedication, Ringback Tone, Ring to Me, Voice Chat, Karaoke.


StreamVas is truly multi-channel since it allows simultaneous access to the services and their configuration thought SMS, IVR, USSD and WEB.


It is provided with ready-to-deploy services such as BGM, Dedication, RBT and R2M and can be easily expanded to integrate custom services thanks to its modular, scalable and fully redundant architecture.


As all Supranetcom delivery platforms, StreamVas has powerful and intuitive web portals for Marketing, Administration, Customer Care, Content Providers and Self Care.


StreamVas can be integrated with CaaStor, a powerful multichannel marketing tool, in order to promote the services with options for immediate subscription for the end users.