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Jan 3rd, 2014


Supranetcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc., announced today that it has changed its operating name to “Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group” effective immediately.  The name change reflects the final step of centralizing marketing, sales, and operations since the Company’s acquisition was announced by Stonehenge last year.


“Our name change to Stonehenge Telecom-Technology Services Group unifies our growing portfolio of products and services under one name and reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to support Mobile Operators and Financial/Banking Institutions across the globe”, said Youcef Louadj,  the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Stonehenge Telecom, ”More than a decade ago, Supranetcom pioneered the development of carrier-grade software technologies and now as Stonehenge Telecom, we stand even better positioned to support our customers and partners on a global scale and through multiple product offerings”.


Stonehenge’s primary clients are Telecom Carriers, Mobile Operators, Service Providers, Financial Institutions and Large Enterprises.  Utilizing our proprietary technology and carrier-grade software products, Stonehenge Telecom’s Technology Services Group is able to provide turn-key solutions for Mobile Network Operators and Financial/Banking Organizations seeking to deploy mobile banking and payment solutions, multi-media products, and various other value-added services available thru the mobile device.


About Stonehenge:


Stonehenge Telecom is a facilities-based U.S. Telecommunications Company with operating units throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.  Positioned as a Leading Provider of Telecommunications Products and Services for the Telco and Financial Services Industry, Stonehenge offers one of the most advanced suites of technology and wholesale offerings available today.


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