Supranetcom is an Independent Software Vendor specialized in the design of Service Delivery Platforms specifically tailored for the Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) market. Our products are available through distribution channels and partners world-wide.
Founded in 2003, Supranetcom is a privately owned company based in France, and whose main core team is engineering and constantly focusing on Research and Development.
Supranetcom has been elected as Innovative Enterprise (Jeune Entreprise Innovante) since 2008, and has since its inception registered 4 innovative projects within the Research and Development Program in France. We at Supranetcom, focus on Engineering expertise and innovation in order to provide the best technology to our partners and customers.

Flagship product: Multimedia and Messaging Platform

Next to our widely deployed Media Software Solutions, we are pleased to present MMP, our new product family designed for Mobile services such as Mobile Finance, Mobile Money and Mobile mass marketing. A major aspect of our product line is the ability to deliver services through multiple channels including SMS/MMS, USSD on IVR on landline, Mobile and Voice over IP networks. It is designed with VAS market in mind, with potential delivery of up to billion SMS and hundred million media messages per month.
Our product line provides for the fast design of innovative services with rich-features that integrate the latest converging technologies increasing competitiveness and improving the user experience.