Company profile

Stonehenge Telecom is a facilities-based U.S. Telecommunications Company with operating units throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Positioned as a Leading Provider of Telecommunications Products and Services for the Telco and Financial Services Industry, Stonehenge offers one of the most advanced suites of technology platforms and wholesale offerings available anywhere. Stonehenge’s primary clients are Telecom Carriers, Mobile Operators, Service Providers, Financial Institutions and Large Enterprises.


Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group (formally Supranetcom, LLC) has long established itself as an industry leader in the specialized design and delivery of Value-Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Financial Services (MFS). Utilizing their robust portfolio of proprietary technologies and service offerings, Stonehenge is able to provide turn-key solutions for Mobile Network Operators and Financial/Banking Organizations seeking to deploy mobile banking and payment solutions, multi-media products, and various other value-added services available thru the mobile device.