Within Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group, your privacy matters. We put tremendous efforts in protecting your personal data that you may submit through this website or when visiting us on site or during trade shows. We made efforts in collecting the minimum data required from you such as your name, email address.


In no case Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group shares any information submitted by with other parties except under express permission from you.


There are specific cases where your information may be shared with 3rd parties. This can be specialized agencies for marketing campaigns. Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group takes great care to provide only the necessary information such as email address and puts strong requirement on these agencies to not disclose or reuse the submitted information. Also, when selling a part or full company, the profiles may be part of the transferred assets. Stonehenge may also disclose information to comply with law, court order and fraud protection organizations.


When registering through our website, we may create a profile where your information is stored. A user and password will be supplied to you for you to access your profile. You are entitled for full access to modify, change or remove any data from your profile. In the event that you are not able to access your profile, you may contact us directly to request the changes or deletion of your information. You may cancel your registration at any time. When cancelling registration, all data in your profile are completely deleted. Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group may use your IP address in order to analyze traffic patterns, regional access for its sole quality of service, and diagnose any potential access problem to its servers.


This website may use “cookies” that are stored onto your computer in order for example to identify you directly on the website.


Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group takes reasonable actions to protect your submitted data against loss, alteration, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure. However, none of the existing Internet technologies are fully secure, and we encourage you to be careful in what data are submitted to Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group.


Any information submitted to forum, chat room, news group or message boards on this website are considered public non-confidential and non-proprietary information and therefore are disclosed without notice.


This privacy policy applies automatically when you decide to enter and navigate this website, and therefore your agreement to the terms of use is assumed.