MoneyM received incredible interest at CIFTEE Exhibition in Beijing – China


CIFTEE, the most important exhibition in China for Banking and Financial
services and devices recognized MoneyM as an important platform that will
allow rural population especially those who do not have a bank account, to
do payments and money transfers while sitting in their home and without
going to bank branches. Now they can do all their transactions from their
mobile phone, at any-time and anywhere.


“We want to bring technology that
will help people, we also do business with ethics, and we reserve part of
our revenue to promote country’s initiatives towards the under-served
population. We will soon announce strategic partnership in China, where we
establish the foundation for a successful MoneyM service opened to all
Chinese population.” Said Youcef Louadj, CEO of Supranetcom during an
interview with Chinese newspaper and CIFTEE video TV interview.