The versatile IP Call-Center for small to medium business


Comet product allows deploying interactive call-center solutions with minimum setup effort. Where customer care matters, Comet is the right answer for quality of service.


Comet provides a comprehensive set of features for handling inbound call with configurable announcements, queuing mechanism and agent groups routing. Comet also allows for building sophisticated campaigns with segmentation of contacts, campaign scheduling and agent screen popup. Each campaign can use any of the integrated dialing engines: Progressive dialer, Preview dialer, Predictive dialer and Power dialer.


Comet is fully operated and administered through an intuitive web interface.


Comet is primary an IP-core based Call Center solution, but can be operated in a TDM network or behind a PBX. Comprehensive reporting as well as real-time supervision is also provided for precise monitoring of campaign activity as well as agent performance.
Comet integrates a web based scripting tool for building interactive dialogues. During a campaign, these dialogues can pushed in a popup screen to the agent in order to guide him/her step by step during the conversation with a contact.

Technical characteristics

Comet integrates the most comprehensive features specifically required in the Call-Center business among which we can mention:

  • ACD with call queuing
  • Multiple queues, configurable queue size
  • Multiple agent groups
  • Flexible routing
  • Multiple services
  • Agent group mailbox
  • Customizable announcements
  • Playback of estimation wait time in queue
  • Pre-announcement for agent
  • Agent Screen popup
  • Agent desktop taskbar
  • Fixed and Free sitting for agents
  • Remote agent (Home/Mobile login)
  • Agent supervision through web interface
  • Call-recording and supervisor listening for quality assurance
  • Outbound campaigns
  • A choice of Predictive, Progressive, Preview and Power dialers
  • Import of contacts for campaigns
  • Scheduling of Contacts import tasks
  • Automatic or predefined segmentation of contacts
  • Scheduling of campaigns
  • Powerful step by step graphical tool for building interactive agent scripts
  • Triggering of agent script per campaign and push to agent in screen popup
  • Integration of contact data in agent screen popup
  • Pre-announcement and IVR interaction with called contacts
  • Configurable call-reattempts based on call result (Busy, no answer, failure)
  • Customizable Call qualifications
  • Reports on campaigns, agent activity, call qualification statistics…
  • Export of reports in CSV and PDF format
  • SIP based IP-Core: Allows deployment in both VOIP
  • Full compatibility with off-the-shelf Gateway for deployment in TDM environment

Applying Comet to solutions

Comet is a the right tool for deploying small to medium call-center solutions while keeping openness for integration in a CRM environment, with access to specific company data and contacts.


Comet is suitable for building:

  • Customer care call-center solutions
  • Hotline and Support call-center solutions
  • Broadcast voice based campaigns for marketing or alert and notification
  • Survey campaigns
  • Voting campaigns
  • Reminder campaigns (Payment recovery, subscription renewal…)