Financial Services Delivery Platform


MoneyM™ is a Mobile Financial Platform which enables deployment of innovative and readymade financial services such as Mobile Payment, Mobile Banking and Micro-Finance. MoneyM™ is intended for banked and unbanked populations and can be accessed from any Mobile Phone –even basic ones– and from any Operator’s network (GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G). It provides a Wallet system that allows great flexibility for Payment services, Peer-to-Peer transfers, Payment of utility bills…etc.


MoneyM™ enables the setup and management of a complete network of Agents. It integrates a complete independent mWallet system that can operate and handle transactions autonomously in a closed and secured environment. In addition, the mWallets can be linked to Bank accounts or pre-paid and post-paid credit/debit cards allowing great flexibility for Mobile transactions.
MoneyM™ is a smart combination of financial transaction processing Engine with a multi-channel Telecommunication platform enabling simultaneously USSD, SMS and IVR access from Mobile Phones in addition to traditional web access.


MoneyM™ Platform is regulatory-compliant and follows KYC standards established by the World Bank and others entities. Up-front end user registration is required, and the amount will afterwards be withdrawn from the user wallet account.


The platform can be customized according to different countries regulatory authorities. MoneyM™ supports a variety of Mobile Payment services which may be adapted to specific situations and requirements. It enables the development of the perfect Mobile Payment service offering to suit the demands and behavior of the target audience.


MoneyM™ also provides the possibility to utilize the mobile media for marketing or instant communication with end users. For example, the platform provides the ability to announce promotions, new features or other relevant information through SMS and Voice to users.

Key features

  • Multi-channel (USSD, SMS, IVR, WEB)
  • Work from any Mobile Phone, even basic and old ones
  • Work from any Mobile Network (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G)
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Regulatory compliance configurable
  • KYC standards
  • Mobile Payment module
  • Wallet management module
  • Remittance module
  • Wallet-to-wallet transfer module
  • Transfer without wallet module
  • Agents and sub-agents management
  • Tellers and Partners management
  • Web selfcare portal for Agents

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment is aimed towards physical goods or services delivered outside the mobile phone. It represents an additional sales channel to reach customers while they are on the move. By utilizing this new and unique payment method, entirely new opportunities and revenue streams for Merchants’ business will arise.


By supporting instant payment of non-digital goods and services through premium SMS, USSD or IVR, MoneyM™ offers a quick and convenient alternative to traditional payments. This efficient payment method is highly suitable for a broad range of businesses, and may be applied to different fields such as public transportation, magazine subscriptions, bills, parking and many other areas.


As the end user does not need to possess any cash or credit card, mPayment services offers a high level of convenience compared to traditional payment methods. Moreover, the noticeable handiness of mPayment services stimulates the end users to perform more spontaneous purchases.

Cloud Services

As the entire platform may be hosted and monitored by Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group, all major technical hurdles associated with launching mobile services are removed, and the highest possible performance and availability can be guaranteed.


Stonehenge Telecom – Technology Services Group’s highly skilled and experienced technical staff performs all required maintenance caused by the frequent changes and updates in mobile operator interfaces, billing systems, handset profiles etc.


The platform is rapidly scalable, and new product features are continuously released to fit evolving customer requirements in the mobile marketplace.