Orion Switch

The converging IP Switch for unified enterprise communications


Orion Switch is primarily a SIP switch designed for handling phone to phone calls. It integrates all PBX common functionalities applied in the Voice Over IP world. Besides, Orion switch handles both audio and video calls on the same platform, when using video enabled SIP phones. Orion switch can also be deployed in a multi-site configuration for centralizing the communications between multiple sites while using a simple common dial plan for all sites. Orion Switch is fully compatible with off-the-shelf SIP phones and softphones, and integrates seamlessly with SIP Gateways to provider SIP to TDM connectivity.


Orion Switch transforms the enterprise communications by allowing a smooth and simple transition to emerging packet based networks with additional features such as unified communications, voicemail, faxmail, IVR and roaming capability for remote users/phones.

Technical characteristics

Orion Switch is full featured product for unified enterprise daily communications, that is based on an open architecture allowing for single and multiple site IP-voice and video communications. Features of Orion Switch include:

  • Fully web based administration
  • Integrated and customizable IVR service
  • Configurable IVR announcements, and prompts, upload of media files
  • Integrated Voice and Fax mail
  • Configurable voicemail prompts per user
  • Customizable inbound routing rules
  • Call hold, Call transfer, call pick up functionalities
  • 3-way Conferencing functionality
  • Free dialing plan and configuration of extensions
  • Configuration of users
  • Assignment of extensions to users
  • User online access to voice and fax mail
  • Forward of voice and fax mail to user email
  • User online access to call logs: Inbound, outbound, missed
  • Multi-branch Switch for multi-site virtual IP-PBX
  • Integrated prepaid charging tool, activated per user or site
  • User profiles for call restrictions
  • SIP based core, with NAT traversal, RTP relay, DoS
  • Presence management for user SIP phones
  • Compatibility with existing 3rd party products including SIP phones, softphones and Gateways
  • Auto-provisioning of SIP phones based on MAC address
  • Multiple simultaneous register for each SIP user (For multiple hunting)

Applying Orion Switch to solutions

Orion switch can be viewed as a simple and easy to install and run IP-PBX. Among the possible solutions that can be deployed based on Orion Switch, there is:

  • Enterprise IP-PBX: with customizable IVR, voicemail and faxmail
  • IP-PBX Replacement of an existing PBX, simplifying the infrastructure and adding features
  • Multi-site virtual IP-PBX: Connecting multiple branch offices of the same enterprise