Enterprise Solutions

Improving Customer Relation, Smooth transition to Next Generation Telecom

Description of the Enterprise Market

Enterprises today are putting a lot of efforts in maintaining an attractive image towards their customer by providing the best Customer Care service, premium call-center and allow communication with their customers through multiple channels.


What they would like is to make sure any single opportunity is processed with the right attention and not lose any customer. Services such as OneNumber service allow Enterprise executives and sales to be reachable any time anywhere; their customers simply dial one single number. Also mobility is key in this new changing market where business goes beyond borders. Thus Telephony, conferencing and mailbox must be adapted to this mobility.


From a different aspect, considering that most of the time, the first contact with a lead is through the enterprise’s IVR, and it is very important to give a good impression at this very first stage, enterprises are seeking a modern way of providing their Auto-attendant and telephony services to their customers. Hence the use of Speech driven applications, where the caller does not need to enter any digits but simply says what service he/she wants.

Applying our technology to Enterprise market

We have solutions for the Enterprise market that covers the whole spectrum of the requirements. From IP-PBX with Orion-Switch up to Call-Center with Comet, our products have it all to cover the needs of the Enterprise market. Our platforms integrate natively speech recognition and speech synthesis from market leaders and applications take benefit of this more natural way for user interaction.

Enterprise Solutions

IVR, Voicemail, Faxmail

Interactive Voice Response and Voice/fax mail are today mandatory Telecom services within each enterprise. IVR are used to provide a more friendly welcome to callers with smartly designed menus in order to transfer the call to the right person. Voicemail is key in a sense that when the person requested is not available, and then an automatic voicemail allows leaving a message. This increases call completion and it’s a way for enterprises to be “reachable at all times”.

Call Center solution

A Call center is significant investment for an enterprise, and shows clearly a commitment for the enterprise to a better Customer Care. The Call Center is built on two important parts: The Telephony Call Center platform, and the agents. The Telephony platform is required to process incoming calls and route the calls based on some predefined criteria to the right agent or group of agents. Our Comet solution allows data to be pushed on agent desktop with possibly contact details, historical data, and historical calls. This allows the agent to better serve the caller and make him/her feel he/she is well known and understood. Such service increases customer loyalty and confidence.


With the revolutionized Telecom infrastructures, Voice over IP has taken a large share because of its seamless integration in the Enterprise existing data network. Some enterprises keep their existing PBX but introduce Gateways and SIP switches allowing a smooth transition to VOIP. While others are completely replacing their Telecom infrastructure with VOIP based telephony. The key here is generally simplicity, mobility. Our Orion solution is designed to provide a complete unified communications platform with integrated customizable IVR and integrated unified voice and fax mail. With its full web administration interface, an enterprise defines its users, extensions. Besides Orion is capable of controlling extensions outside the enterprise LAN, allowing for full mobility of enterprise executives.

Speech driven Interactive services

Interactive Voice Responses services have been there for a while, and most people are used to IVR messages such as:”Welcome. For sales department press 1, for technical support press 2, for operator press 0…”. With speech recognition, this interaction is rendered more natural with a message such as: “Welcome, please say the service you want to reach”. The other advantage of speech recognition, is the ability to accept a long list of user choices where with digits, this is limited. Our solutions allows for efficient design of such speech driven application, which combined with speech synthesis allows having very dynamic and natural interactive services.

OneNumber service

The idea behind such service is that each Enterprise executive will publish his/her one-number instead of multiple numbers (office, mobile, home). When customers/partners dial this one-number, the telephony system that is handling this service will reach the corresponding executive on the right number based on predefined or customized rules.

Ordering, Reservation

Ordering and reservation make use of call center solutions as well as automated solutions. Our products allow for such services with customized design of the interactive application that best matches the area of business of the enterprise.

Customer Voice portal

Some Enterprises require communicating about their offer, providing relevant information and guidance to their users. This is achieved by the Enterprise Voice Portal which is very similar to what the Company website is, but on the telephony channel. Building such voice portal application is straight forward with our tools, with a graphical environment that allows fully customizing the enterprise portal, in order to offer a better experience for its customers.