Operators’ solutions

Be innovative, Maintain loyalty, Reduce churn-out, Increase ARPU

Description of Operator’s Market

The Operator’s world has seen dramatic changes these last years. Operators in the early years were concentrating on user enrollments and subscription to their network. The only revenue for Operators is the airtime usage. The emerging alternative operators with competitive and aggressive offers have led to significant churn for incumbent Operators, and the airtime revenue dropped.


In order to maintain their subscriber-base, the Operators have to market in a different way, introducing loyalty programs, integrate new technologies in order to offer new services, and differentiate from competition and thus increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).


Operators seek Service Delivery Platforms that allow for rapid development and deployment of new Added Value Services in order to be competitive and improve their subscribers’ media experience.


Operators are in need of Service Platforms that is capable of bringing in new revenues with main features being:

  • Integrating seamlessly into their network
  • Support of SS7 protocols as well as new NGN and IMS infrastructure and protocols
  • Ability to rapidly develop and deploy new services on one single platform
  • Integrate new technologies and make them available on the same platform
  • Platform resilience and redundancy
  • A platform that evolves which saves the investments

Applying our technology to Operators

Our Service Delivery Platforms offer Operators the ability to design and deploy new services timely. The productization process for services is greatly shortened when using our platform. Our tools offer a visual and graphical application design, testing capabilities and easy deployment. The ability to enable backup application and load-sharing allows for easy update of services while running.


Technologies offered by the platform include VoiceXML/CCXML engine, SS7-ISUP/TUP protocols, Voice and Video over IP/SIP, DSP, Host based media processing for audio, video, conferencing and fax. Our platform also allows for Speech driven services with support of market leader Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis engines. The architecture of our platform is multi-layered where Network resources are separated from the application layer, allowing easy scalability on both the network layer resources as well as application layer.

Operators Solutions

Multimedia Service Delivery Platform

This is the primary requirement for an Operator who wants to be able to deliver rapidly new multimedia services to its subscribers or enterprises and thus adding value to their traditional offer.

Color Ringback Tone

The goal of this service is change the traditional ringing tone heard when calling another party, into a music, a specific audio message…etc. From fun to business advertisement, the few seconds waiting time before answer is used in a more efficient and sometimes funny way to provide a specific message. Popular within the young generation of users, it has also some benefits for enterprises who can take this few seconds opportunity to push voice Ads to the callers.

Voucher TopUp service

This self-care service allows prepaid users to top up their account with a purchased voucher. This can be done via a voice call to a service, or sending an SMS, or using a USSD based application. CaaStor™ offers a common platform for providing such service though any of the channels: USSD, SMS and/or voice.

Interactive voicemail

The standard service generally attached to any subscriber’s account is the voicemail. The advanced voicemail provide notification service through SMS, forward to email. The Interactive voicemail goes beyond and allows direct interaction with the caller while depositing a message, pushing a pre-defined message to the caller…etc.

Missed Call Alert

Operators revenues are based on connected calls. The missed Call Alerts is a convenient way that allows the Operator to inform a user that he received a call while he was unavailable. This will in many cases lead the user to initiate the call back especially when the missed call number is inserted in the message sent by the Operator. This is a way for the Operator to increase the call completion ratio and thus increase its revenues.

Loyalty, Promotion Programs

Operators seeking retaining their users and fight against “churn-out” will always offer promotional programs and bonuses to their subscribers. The threat of churn is particularly important within the prepaid community. Norma prepaid platform provides for such loyalty program with packages, promotions and bonuses where bonuses can be automatically activated based on Topup operation in a certain promotional period, automatic and recurrent bonuses…etc.

VoiceXML/CCXML hosted services

In a outsourcing business, Operators can play a great role towards Enterprises by providing an infrastructure for hosting the Enterprises’ IVR. This lowers the cost for Enterprises on one side, while saving their investment in the IVR application when built using VoiceXML standard. Triton provides for building large hosting platform with ability to run VoiceXML applications located within the same environment or even fetched from remote Enterprise servers.