Solutions for VAS Market

Monetizing services with a new and different user experience

Description of VAS Market

The Value Added Services market is operated by Service Providers that have a great experience in deploying new innovative services timely. The VASP (Value Added Services Providers) are key partners for Operators, because Operators today refrain from investing in new infrastructure while seeking additional revenue from their subscribers beyond the simple Airtime based revenue. The VASP represent the ideal partner and a business alternative for hosting services for Operators, as well as for small to medium business enterprises. On the long term, VASP can generate significant revenues from deploying multiple services simultaneously, sometimes hundreds or thousands services for multiple customers, by using a common infrastructure and by rationalizing the hardware and software platform.


As we see today, most Operators in the world have given access to Content and Service Providers in order to monetize their offer to Operator’s subscribers. The benefits that Operators are looking into in such openness are 2 major ones: increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), and reduce the churn, by offering constantly innovative services through these key partners.


Today, the Telecom world is facing a big change where some Operators spread across the value chain, sometimes up to creating content themselves, while others remain focused on the core business as the “dumb pipes”.


The power of Value Added Service Providers resides in several key aspects:

  • Bring in new and innovative services at a faster pace than what Operators can do
  • Ability to migrate and scale their infrastructure rapidly on demand
  • Integrate new technologies and make them available on the same platform

Therefore, the VAS Providers are looking at Service Delivery Platforms that are capable of providing:

  • Latest Telecom technologies
  • Seamless integration of any emerging new technologies
  • Unified communications
  • Platform resilience and redundancy
  • Multi-tenant, multi-service delivery
  • A platform that evolves which saves the investments

The Service Providers are aware of the requirements to stay ahead in the market. Our products are designed with Service Providers requirements in mind. We offer the opportunity for Service Providers to focus on their core business which is designing the best innovative services and tackle new business challenges instead of investing in and putting resources for developing and maintaining their own in-house platform. These benefits are well foreseen by key players in the market, and we guarantee our partners continuous improvements and integration of new technologies as they emerge in the market.


Together with Service Providers, we build up on a chain where the service delivery is possible while reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The VAS providers have a great role in the service value chain, working with Enterprises in a “scale as you grow” model, reducing the TCO for enterprises, and working with Operators, in an affordable OPEX (Operation Expenditure) business model instead of a costly CAPEX (Capital Expenditure).

Applying our technology to VAS Market

Our Service Delivery Platforms are designed for VAS providers, with ability to host virtually unlimited services on the same platform. With a distributed and easily scalable architecture, our platforms are the right answer to drive the Service Provider’s market.

VAS Market Solutions

Bulk SMS

This type of service is used for broadcasting a common SMS to multiple mobile phones. With CaaStor™, each SMS can be customized with specific data for each contact reached.

USSD hosted services

USSD can be used to provide interactive self-care services for enterprises, such as banks for mobile-banking, airlines for flight reservation…etc.

Outbound dialers

This type of solutions is mainly used for promotions, surveys, alerts…etc. The voice messages that are played can be pre-recorder messages or synthetized voice prompt using Speech Synthesis.

Conferencing bridges

Audio Conferencing is a key business tool today that lowers costs for travelling and meetings. Triton offers extensive features for building audio conferencing services with conference back ground music, conference recording, whispering…etc.

Hosted IVR, Voicemail

Enterprises today are looking at reducing their costs by outsourcing their Telecom infrastructure. This is rendered do-able today with the spread of Voice over IP technology. Orion-Centrex is the platform for hosting multiple companies, each company with its own users, extensions, IVR service and voicemail.


With the introduction of emerging video technology in the telecom world, the traditional voice based services must be rethinked to integrate video. Video allows for a different interaction, where advertisement is visual rather than played message, Videos can be made dynamic with inserted text and/or image. Triton offers a range of possibilities for building Interactive Video Response applications which improves the way enterprises communicate with their customers.